Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Family and Some Holiday Confusion

If you have a kid then you know it’s hard to be a parent, it you have two kids, then you know its much harder than having just one. If you have more than two kids… God bless you cause I’m struggling with two!

Around the holidays and family parties you know that your kids are running around and you think you’re able to relax and let your family help. For some reason people want to just shove things into your child’s mouth. You want to swipe cookies?…. Awe that’s cute… You want candy? Sure, Don’t tell mom!

Here's some fun facts, consider: What did you feed your kids for the holidays? Jasmine can only have 2g of protein per meal. 

Mashed Potatoes - 4g Protein (1 Cup) 
Ham- 4.6g Protein (1 slice)
Sweet potato - 2.1g protein (1 cup)

Peanut Butter- 8g protein (in 2 tbsp)
Chocolate - 1.4g protein (1oz)

We have been visiting my hometown for the holidays and spending time with my family. This means there are a lot of questions about Jasmines “Condition”. You can explain and explain but there are things that parents with normal children just cant understand.

So why do I have family trying to talk her into eating cheese and crackers before dinner?
Cheese slice - 5g of protein (1 regular slice)

Our family is ALWAYS trying to HELP. And in their attempt to help they think that maybe her actions should just be punished away. She’s whining to much today and lashing out, so she needs to be punished. She puts everything in her mouth… she’s two. She isn’t sleeping like normal children, something must be wrong. Yes, she has a MEDICAL CONDITION. She is physically attached to a feeding pump most nights so its hard to let her just cry it out. Also, I get defensive because I, like every other (normal) parent in the world is trying my best to do what I need for my children.

Also no one quite understands her eating issues. Right now she is scared. For months every time she ate she would get sick. We are slowly trying to teach her that its OK and that as long as she eats what she is supposed to that she will not get sick. But how do you tell a two year old and make them understand? News flash…YOU DON’T. Thats why she has a FEEDING TUBE!!!

The old saying “they will eat when they are hungry” just isn’t the case with Jasmine.
I have had to come to terms with the fact that I can’t make her eat. This isn’t something that I can force.

Jasmine watching her "current favorite" movie Monsters Inc
Dealing with family for the holidays can be tough, and if you have kids, stopping your family from feeding them random crap can be hard. If your child has food allergies or sensitivities you need to pay very close attention. No resting during the holidays for you!