Friday, May 1, 2015

HELP! Medical Supplies Are Taking Over the House

We were in the hospital for about three weeks total and two days after getting a G-Tube we were sent home. The very next day a pile of boxes arrived at our front door. Our new surprise collection of medical supplies had arrived. The supply company placed the order so we had no clue what we were getting. It was ok because we had no clue what we needed. We would have to find a whole new routine at home.

Jasmine and Her Feeding Pump
We have bins and bins of oral syringes, feeding pump bags, extension tubes, and cans of formula organized in our room. Month after month these items come in and I have to figure out what to do with them and where to put them. Don’t get me wrong, we use all of it, but when the big box comes to the house it’s all thrown in together. I don’t have space or time to dig through the latest box when I need something.

Every morning I bring down the supplies for the day, or at least I think I do until I have to make 10 trips back upstairs to get stuff. This has become my work out plan. We decided to get a system in place and we have one large bag with pockets that supplies a smaller day bag. The day bag holds everything we need for one day that can be grabbed and travel when we leave the house. Every night I measure out tomorrow’s medicine and formula powder to mix first thing in the morning. This is of course after everyone finally goes to sleep and I have time. If I forget or don’t get to it then I have to get up and do this while the kids are awake and it takes ten times longer!!!

The larger bag is usually a miss-matched collection of back up items in case I run out while I’m measuring things out. This way I don’t have to run upstairs, but reality is I still do. I forget SOMETHING, of course.
Jasmine and Her Tube

Now we are going to have to result to shelves in the basement or somewhere so that I can store extra supplies that we have stock piled. I always think about just giving them away but then I get nervous because you never know when you’re going to need them.

Let us know if you have any special medical supply storage ideas!
We used to use a bin, but I could never find anything!

When Jasmine came home, this was on set of medicines.

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